The concert ”Friends for Barka UK” in Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

The concert has as a purpose raising awareness about the issue of homelessness of Central and Eastern European migrants in the UK and the work of Barka UK in tackling it. Barka charity was established in the capital in June 2007 in response to an appeal by London boroughs and organizations, due to the growing concern about homelessness among Central and Eastern European migrants. Czytaj dalej

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Larisa Melinceanu – study visit in Barka Network in Poland report

Study visit to Barka Poland 24 February – 28 February 2014

General impressions

During this study visit we were shown the main center of Barka foundation in Poznan, the social enterprise in Posadowek, the social co-operative in Wladyslawowo, the partnership with Association Gebiczyn and local authorities of Wielkopolskiego, the social enterprise in Chudopczyce, the city Rawicz (there where progress are registered in the effort of establishing a new partnership with the local authorities, other representatives of civil society and interested commercial organizations) and the established partnership with the local authorities of Poznan. Czytaj dalej

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Gazet van Antwerpen : Barka “Ik weet hoe het is om op straat te moeten leven”

“Ik besefte dat mijn leven dreigde te eindigen in de gevangenis of op het kerkhof” Ex-dakloze begeleidt Poolse zwervers uit Antwerpen weer naar huis

Na grote successen in onder andere Engeland, Ierland en Nederland schakelde ook Antwerpen de Poolse welzijnsorganisatie Barka in. Die begeleidt daklozen naar hun thuisland. Het team dat het project hier gaat runnen, is deze week begonnen. Czytaj dalej

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OneWorld: Verslaafde Polen gaan weer naar huis

Nederlandse gemeenten staan sinds kort in de rij om een Poolse welzijnsorganisatie in te huren. Stichting Barka helpt Poolse en andere Oost-Europese daklozen in Nederland terug te keren naar hun geboorteland. De organisatie is al actief in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Arnhem en Eindhoven. Czytaj dalej

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Gazet van Antwerpen: Poolse ex-daklozen begeleiden landgenoten weer naar huis

Schepen Homans investeert 170.000 euro in mobiel team. Antwerpen start half februari met een sociaal project van organisatie Barka, dat Poolse daklozen naar Polen begleidt om hen daar hun leven weer te laten oppakken. Het project heeft in andere Europese steden zijn succes al bewezen, maar de Poolse daklozen in Antwerpen zijn sceptisch. Czytaj dalej

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Social economy is not a sector

By Lidia Wesierska Chyc (Barka Network)

Abstract: The article aims to initiate a discussion about thinking of social economy as an integral part of social market economy, not as a ’social economy sector’. Basing on an entry in Polish constitution – about social market economy as a foundation of economic system in Poland, a short analysis of key rules essential for implementing social market economy is conducted: freedom of economic activity, private ownership, solidarity, dialogue and cooperation of the social partners in the area of social economy. There is an argument put forth that economy can be both market and social. Making economy more social has positive effects on its efficiency and competitiveness. There are points supporting this argument listed. At the end the author underlines that although there are positive changes visible in the documents determining the way social economy in Poland is built – like National Program for Development of Social Economy – there is still sector thinking to be noticed in those documents. Changing this way of thinking is a challenge for future. Czytaj dalej

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