Social Economy Centre

Social Economy Centre – employment and advice centre for Middle and Eastern European migrants



To provide advice, training and support to Middle and Eastern European Migrants with complex needs who are seeking work in the Netherlands. Social Economy Centre opened in March 2013 in Utrecht. The SEC offers help to those who wish to remain in the Netherlands and do not want to be reconnected to their countries of origin with Barka. The target group would be those who require complex support with preparing, undertaking and maintaining employment. Through both individual appointments and group training sessions, the Social Economy Centre provides employment advice, preparation and support including interpersonal and social skills training.

The Social Economy Centre provides the following services

  • Preparation for employment
  • Employment Support Service- A six month program of support from the first day of employment (including telephone contact, special visits of SEC staff to the job sites, help in dealing with dishonest employers, mediation etc.)
  • Personal Document Support
    • Obtaining new personal documents
    • Replacing lost or stolen personal documents
    • All applications for birth certificates and passports would be fast-tracked by the Polish Consulate in The Hague.
  • Legal and Financial Advice
    • legal advice (including child maintenance, bank loans, criminal charges)
    • Dealing with dishonest landlords and tenancy agreements
    • Advice around isurance
    • Representing workers in official institutions
    • Opening bank accounts
    • Negotiating loan payments
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support- Advice and support to those experiencing drug and alcohol addiction including referral to detox and rehabilitation programmes in the Netherlands and countries of origin
  • Group Sessions- SEC will run group sessions that will encompass language skills, personal assertiveness, employee legal rights, employee insurance, practical issues of living and working in the Netherlands, housing, obligations etc.

Aims of the Social Economy Centre in Utrecht

  • To help unemployed, potentially socially excluded people to rejoin the job market through specialized motivational schemes that should help to break the vicious cycle of addiction and unemployment.
  • To prevent homelessness and social exclusion by supporting a person before they reach the rock bottom
  • Teaching Dutch and English language skills enhance the chances on the job market
  • Teaching skills that help the unemployed to assimilate in a new, foreign environment.
  • Providing comprehensive knowledge about legal regulations in the Netherlands and emphasizing the need to protect the rights of the workers, to prevent exploitation by the employers.
  • Psychological support to migrants by providing individual and group sessions, seminars, teaching about taking control of one’s life, reducing fear, raising the assertiveness and strengthening the notion of equality: that each worker deserves equal rights in the labour market.


Lijsterstraat 16, 3514 TD Utrecht
Tel.: 030 2689242

  1. Wiesia Figula-De Wit ( social worker):
    Tel.: 0646 82 53 64, Email:
  2. Joanna van Veen ( psychologist)
    Tel: 0652 87 66 72, Email:
  3. Larisa Melinceanu ( Romanian support worker) :
    Tel.: 0646 27 47 85, Email:
  4. Julia Boele ( legal advisor)
    Tel: 0627 89 24 81, Email:
  5. Tomasz Sochacki ( job advisor)
    Tel: 0652 83 29 88. Email :
  6. Marzena Maciążek (social worker)
    Tel: 0652 02 15 73, Email: